Bowling Rules & Regulations


As an aid to your enjoyment of the game and in the interest of other bowlers, you are kindly requested to observe the following


  • WEAR appropriate footwear on the approaches.
  • USE a ball of the correct weight (if unsure seek the attendant’s assistance)
  • DO NOT Loft the Ball.
  • WAIT until the first ball has returned before throwing a second ball.
  • DO NOT stand on the approach while awaiting the ball to return.
  • GIVE WAY to players on your immediate right
  • DO NOT place your hand inside or near the return rack; failure to adhere to this rule may result in a serious accident for which Funland will accept No responsibility.
  • SEEK the assistance of the attendants to retrieve stray pins from the gutter.
  • DO NOT go beyond the Foul Line.
  • DO NOT consume food or beverages on the approach.
  • SMOKING is only allowed in designated area
  • RETURN the ball to the ball rack
  • CLEAR the bowling area of your own personal belongings.
  • USE the Lockers provided for storing bowling equipment.
  • DO NOT leave bowling balls/bags loose, use the lockers.
  • DO NOT lean on equipment, use provided chairs.
  • Bowling fees must be paid prior to leaving the Centre.
  • ‘Credit’ will not be entertained.



Funland will not be held responsible for loss or damage to customer’s bowling balls or personal belongings





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